Spring Boot Developer (SBD)

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Building on the benefits of the Spring framework, Spring Boot represents the next chapter in Java development. Spring Boot’s opinionated approach removes much of the boilerplate and configuration that characterizes Spring, making development faster and deployment easier.

This course offers hands-on experience with Spring Boot and its major features, including auto-configuration, data access, Actuator, and more. On completion, participants will have a foundation for creating enterprise-ready applications.


Application developers who want to increase their understanding of Spring Boot with hands-on experience and a focus on fundamentals.


  • Basic understanding of Spring and/or completion of the Core Spring (CORE)
  • Experience using Java
  • Git
  • IDE (STS preferred)


Upon completion of this course, participants will understand how Spring Boot enhances the following:

  • Spring configuration
  • Web Development
  • REST services
  • Data Access
  • Security
  • Messaging
  • Health Monitoring


Introduction to Spring Boot
Spring Boot Principles
  • Spring Boot vs. Spring
  • Creating a Spring Boot Web application with Spring Initializr, STS, and curl
Configuration, Auto-Configuration, and Profiles
Spring Boot Web Development and Rest Services
  • Spring web MVC
  • GSP Templates
  • Creating a RESTful API
Data Access (per Client Request)
  • JDBC
  • JPA
  • NoSQL - MongoDB
  • Auto-configuration/simple security
  • OAuth2
Messaging with RabbitMQ
Classroom Training

Dauer: 2 Tage

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