Course Development for Manufacturers, Partners, and End-Users

Training is all about content.

Is the information well-organized, thorough and cutting-edge? How well does it support productivity and utilization of the technology? Does it expand a student’s knowledge and push their skills?

At iTLS, we not only deliver great training, we develop outstanding content!

The same top Subject Matter Experts who teach our courses for technologies such as Cisco and VMware are also some of the best content developers in the world. Combine their expertise with a team of project managers, instructional designers, technical editors, and lab designers and iTLS creates what great training is all about.

iTLS develops content for its own portfolio and also provides fee-based development services for our partners and customers.

Offerings include:

  • Technical or sales enablement programs in various delivery modalities such as:
    • Instructor-led
    • Virtual, instructor-led
    • e-learning
    • Seminars from ½ day to full day
  • New course development and course updates
  • Topics as diverse as routing & switching, wireless, optical, network security, virtualization, storage, multi-vendor cloud solutions, Oracle, MS SQL, MS Exchange and many more.

If you need help creating training for your technical product or service, you need iTLS as your partner. Let us assist your go-to-market strategy to drive product adoption and increase customer satisfaction by making superior training a strategic part of your success.

Your success . . . now that’s really what it’s all about.

Call us today at +43 1 994 60 - 6426 or send an email to to learn more about how iTLS can assist you with great content!