Microsoft e-books

The course materials for MOC-classes (Microsoft Official Curriculum) will be provided as digial eKit. The student will receive a separate email with the activation code and further information on how to redeem the code 7 days befor the start of class.

For the use you need the SkillPipe Reader, which you can download for free in the internet (Download SkillPipe Reader).

Follow the steps below to access your digital course:

1. Access the skillPipe Reader

- To access the skillPipe Reader, click on the following link:

2. Sign up and log in

- If you haven´t used the skillpipe Reader yet, click on the link to register an open an account.

- If you already have an account, please login with your credentials.

3. Redeeming the digital courses

- Click the button „+ add book“ and enter your license code, which you receive 7 days before the start of the class.

4. End-user licensing agreement

- To first access the course, you must accept the license agreement and then you can start reading.